Summer Murdock Photography day 329/3

I had high hopes for a fun family outing picking out our tree, cutting it down, laughing, enjoying one another and getting some great photos along the way. Well, we got to the farm and it was practically barren compared to past years so no pretty rows of trees to photograph. My 12 year old kept saying "Just hurry up and pick one. I want to go home." My four year old screamed and cried the whole time as she didn't like any trees we picked. So as my husband cut it, she bawled and screamed."Noooo, I hate this tree. It's too small". Sigh. Thats real life though isn't it? It's not picture perfect and doesn't always go like we might like. If you look really hard at my youngest, you can see her hilarious fit throwing, screaming face.  Of course once we got the tree in our house she was jumping for joy and couldn't contain her excitement over how big the tree was... #keepingitreal