Summer Murdock


Well hello there!  I'm Summer and I am a child and family photographer and Magic of Lightworkshop teacher based in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. To me childhood is magic. I aim to show that in my imagery by creating authentic yet beautiful portraits that harness light and life. If you are looking for perfectly posed photographs with every hair in place, I may not be the photographer for you. Kids should be kids, even during a photo session. I like to keep things simple, real, and most of all to have fun!  

Now, do you want to get a glimpse of who I really am? I absolutely adore:

My husband, my kids, Perrier , Zip-Fizz, exploring new places, Bit O'Honey, photographs, sunshine and pretty light, photo gear, color, the great outdoors, reality tv, instagram, mid-century modern anything, a good book, string cheese, being in the water, quirky movies, the beach, bike rides, starting new projects  (that I often don’t finish), and popcorn. 

Whew, that was an earful! If you want to chat about a session, or anything else for that matter, drop me a note here. I look forward to hearing from you!

xo, Summer