a few thoughts about registration to the Magic of Light...

 (C) Summer Murdock | Photographer

Hi there,
Another humbling day as the Magic of Light sold out in less than a minute yesterday. I am super honored, humbled, and a bit baffled by it all if I am honest! Thanks so much for those of you who take the class. I understand there are some who are frustrated who have tried to get in the class multiple times. I really am sorry and it makes me sad. I have gotten many emails and comments with suggestions about how to run the class. While I understand your frustration, I feel really strongly that the class size remain small. I never set out to teach this class to the masses. This class has become “successful” because of the one on one interaction and intimate vibe in the class. I do not want to change the very thing that has made the class what it is. In order to be the kind of teacher I want to be, I have to limit the class size. 

The class runs three times a year. Yes, the demand is high enough that I could run it more often but I try hard to keep a work/family balance. I give my all in the class. If I ran it more often, I would burn out quickly. This class is about much more than the class materials. There is something special that goes on in the classroom that is intangible. Yes, the PDF is great information but alone will not have the impact that actively participating in class will have. 

For those of you asking why I won’t open more silent seats? In a perfect world I would not offer silent seats at all but because of the hight demand I do offer some. As with any class, if you don’t do the work you will not learn and grow. I find that silent students tend to not do the work as often and the class does not have the same impact for them. Silent students do have a designated space to interact with one another in the class. If I let unlimited amounts of people join that group, it would change that experience as well. Finally, many active students feel intimidated posting their assignments for feedback from me in front of a small group. If they knew that possibly hundreds of people were watching them, the fear could be crippling. A big group changes the learning environment in class. I have to ensure that those who are there feel safe to share. 

I have done waitlists in the past and they became so big that they were very time consuming and hard to manage. I am a one person show. I love teaching this class so much but I also have a family and other obligations in my life to balance. Ultimately, I have to do what is best for me and my family without compromising the vision I have for my class which is to keep it small and intimate.

All of this being said, I am going to start a waitlist. I will open early registration for 10 people each class. To get on waitlist please sign up HERE. 

Thanks for understanding. I have many many many emails to sift though. I am in the middle of teaching the winter run of the Magic of Light but I will try to respond to each message individually but it will take some time! 


PS. Please forgive me if you have read a similar message after last registration. Every time the class opens for registration, I get the same questions and suggestions. I just want you all to know that I have spent a lot of time thinking about this over the past four years and I am not just sitting back giggling with glee after registration ends. The emails and messages of disappointment honestly make me sad and I don't take them lightly.