My oldest hates the camera. He is at the age where he has become VERY aware every time I pull it out. He is growing up so fast. Towards the end of the school year, he wouldn't even hug me in the car before he left for school. We had to hug inside the house or in the garage where no one could see us. He is a funny kid. He's very aware of girls and constantly tells me how he doesn't like them. I know it's one of those little boys pick on the girls because he deep down has a crush things, but sometimes it is exhausting. Especially when he is mean to some of my best friends daughters. :( Even though he has a little bit of a punk streak in him (which I sometimes find funny), he has always had a soft spot for little babies and small kids. Even at two years old during his hitting phase, he would hit the kids his age and hug the babies. It's really very sweet. He is soooooooo sweet to our baby. I always catch him in the corner, talking baby talk to her, playing and being so kind  to her. It melts my heart. He let me take these pictures the other day. I know they are not the best styled pictures or the most technically beautiful. They both have bed head and are in their jammies, but this is our life at it's finest. These capture the love he has for his baby sister so perfectly. LOVE these.

p.s.  Even though he admittedly loves these photos, he has forbidden me from printing them and hanging them on the wall because they are too embarrassing. SIGH. What am I gonna do with him??? I guess the blog is okay to share them though right?