11 on 11

"11 on 11" get in the frame september edition..

Summer Murdock Photography

In honor of experimentation, letting go...AND getting in the frame...I give you this months "11 on 11"...

And I'll be the first to admit selfies are hard...on many levels! And did I mention I got a new camera? YUP...the Mark III calls for experimentation don't ya think? And I am NOT disappointed with my newest member of the family! Now please go visit my talented, super cool, and all around good person Laura Morita Photography...I promise she won't disappoint!

"11 on 11" get in the frame (iphone style) july edition...

I'm being a little lazy this month. I just got back from a 10 day vacation/family reunion and I'm worn out (in a good way). I haven't shot a selfie with my "real" camera so I am sharing some of my iphoneography. I have never done that here. It's probably long overdue actually. I HEART my iphone and Instagram (come find me @summer_murdock). I want to be one of those people who carries their DSLR around with them 24/7 but I'm not. I have four kids and my reality is I can barely get everyone out of the car and across the parking lot without an injury or someone getting lost. If I threw my "nice" camera into the mix it would sure to be lost, broken, or spilled on in no time! So I use my iphone when inspiration hits me. I love the challenge of creating interesting images with such a simple piece of equipment. It makes me focus on what is really important in photography and that is light and composition. It has actually really helped me to grow and improve as a photographer. I have to say that it's kind of fun to hush all those people who have ever said "If I had a camera like that, I'd be able to take amazing pictures too". To me my iphoneography proves it's not all about the camera (although a nice one sure helps), it's about the photographer. Period....and I kinda love that. Plus, it instantly satifies my creative impulses. If I feel inspired by something, my phone is always close by. Oh and yesterday I was honored to have my iphoneography featured over at Pictapgo (my fav iphone editing camera app made by the people who make Totally Rad Actions) If you want to see that interview go here! I'm still pinching myself over it!

SO I give you my "11 on 11" get in the frame iphone style this month...all images shot and edited with my iphone from my recent vacation.

Summer Murdock Photography
Summer Murdock Photography

And when you are on a road trip and you stop to walk across a bridge to see the AMAZING Colorado River and a passerby asks you if you want a family shot, you accept. Photo credit...some nice man in Arizona!

Wait was that more than 11 pictures? Oh well...who is counting?

Now you have to go visit Christie Hobson who is an amazing photographer (really she is) and in her spare time a comedian. Yup! Well not officially but she is pretty dang funny in my very expert opinion!

In case you have never visited my blog before and wonder if I know how to use my "real" camera you can visit last month's  "11 on 11" circle where I demonstrate that I can shoot with something other than an iphone here! HA

wild poppies….

The poppies have bloomed in one of my favorite spots. Seriously for the week that these flowers are up, this might be one of the most gorgeous places EVER! My girls wanted NOTHING to do with me and the camera while we were here so I just stood back and watched them. Love their relationship. So here is my "11 0n 11" get in the frame post for June. My selfie is a stretch this month...

Summer Murdock Photography

See I told ya the selfie was a stretch. I forgot my tripod and back button focusing is tough for a 7 year old! She took some really pretty good shots but all blurry. :) I am really happy to have this image though. Seriously, my two year old gives the best hugs. I never want to forget how it feels to have this little girl squeeze my neck tight like this. I kinda love it!

Now you must go visit Leah Robinson to see what she has captured this month. Leah is crazy talented and is an Aussie. I may just show up at her house one day unannounced to visit her and her lovely country whether I am invited or not! HA!

"11 on 11"...get in the frame april edition

Summer Murdock Photography

Well just in case you haven't seen enough images of me and my kiddos hanging out in our house lately...here are some more! :) I am soooooooooooo ready for consistently warmer days...we get two warm ones and then it turns frigid again. Here is my attempt to get in the frame with my kiddos..I even took a selfie at a veeeerry wide angle. Not the most flattering focal length for an old lady like me BUT my kids were having fun playing "horsey" on my back. It always ends with me needing some ibuprofen...yup...old age is lame sometimes. :) Now be sure to go visit Marie Sant of Bloom and Grow Photography...she's awesome and straight up gorgeous and she's practically my neighbor...lucky me!