it's great to be eight...part 2

Here is part two. The poppies are back. Love this location, although there isn't a lot of shade. Love these photos!!

Many of you have been asking about my schedule. After much thought and consideration, I have decided that I can only book one photo shoot per month. My four kids must be my priority right now. If I book more than that, I turn into "monster mom" and my family suffers. For those 22 of you on my waiting list, I'm sorry. I realize telling you that I can't get to you until 2013 sounds just plain ridiculous. I have to remember that my kids are growing fast and before I know it they will be at school all day. Right now, while they are little, I want to be able to enjoy the pool, lazy park days, and all the joys (and frustrations) that come with little kids. For now this is best for my family. Hope you understand.