Kids Were Here …november edition

Life has been crazy lately. I have been struggling to balance everything and these “kids were here” messes haven’t been anything but a bit annoying to my busy self lately. I’m ready to slow down and see these messes for what they are again…an integral part of childhood. A part of life that is very fleeting. Soon I won’t have to clean up melted ice cream sandwiches or step on legos everywhere I walk. I’m a much happier person when I frame the messes this way…and so are my kids. Motherhood….it'a roller coaster in many ways right? My post is short and sweet this time (slackerish might be a better description)…when  you are annoyed by the messes you don't grab the camera before you clean them up..:) Summer Murdock Photography

Summer Murdock Photograph

Summer Murdock Photography

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