REALLY? They make kids this cute?

So I really love these girls! They are so cute and this picture and their clothes even match my new blog outfit! :) The Mom of these girls is one of my favorite people. I mean really she is. She's one of those people when I first met I thought "I could be good friends with her". I don't often think that when I first meet people. (Do I sound like a snobor what?) I think I begged her a little to let me take these photos. It was a super quick shoot, aimed at getting a "Christmas card shot". We FOR SURE got a great one. I haven't even really looked at all of the images yet, but this one jumped out at me cuz it's so STINKING cute! I will be posting more of these when I get my butt in gear and get to editing. Did I mention my 5D Mark II is in the shop already? UGHHHH! I haven't even had it a year. I had to take these with my Rebel which was sad for me. I really have a knot in my stomach about my camera being out of commish. Hopefully, warranty will cover it! (fingers crossed)