I took away her bottle like I always do around 14 months. It's always a bittersweet thing for me. Sweet because it means no more leaky bottles on the rug but bitter because it means she's growing up! At her 18 month check up she weighed 19 pounds which was down a 1/2 pound from her one year check. I panicked and gave her bottle back because she never really embraced that darn sippy cup. (we did blood work to make sure the weight loss was just a calorie issue and it was-she's perfectly healthy, just tiny tiny) Now she's almost 21 months and LOVES this bottle more than ever. What have I done? Oh and I guess I should mention how much she loves this stuffed dog. LOVES it! Sad because it will probably be the only dog she will have at this house! I can't handle the messes the humans make around here so an animal is just out of the question. Luckily,at the stage of the game, she doesn't know the difference!