the blizzard and the streetlight

It's been cold here…really really cold. So cold that we can hardly stand to be outside for more than 10 minutes. I have been missing shooting outside. So on Saturday when we pulled into our garage and the snow was coming down in huge flakes, I had to take advantage of the available light….which was a streetlight. Turns out snow looks really cool all lit up by a streetlight. Also turns out you have to shoot quick when the snow is coming down this hard or your gear gets wet and your fingers fall off from frostbite. She gave me only about 3 minutes and I got one of my favorite images I have shot in a while. Glad we took a couple minutes to do this. Sometimes it's hard to stop what you are doing and seize opportunities like this. This almost makes me rethink doing a 365….I really am considering a 182.5, The question is…what does a .5 image look like? Summer Murdock Photography