this little piggy goes to the market...

I must admit, I got lots of funny looks taking these pictures at our local favorite hangout, Costco! People must have been wondering why in the world I would want to take pictures there! It was very funny and I'm so glad I did it. It's a slice of our life! And a trip to Costco almost always involves, suckers, churros, and lots of begging to buy junk we don't need! hehehe (it could be said I'm the sucker) These are the things that I want to remember someday when they are too big to sit in the cart. Just love these.

I got a new camera bag/purse from Ketti Handbags (which are apparently really hard to get). I am in love! It is so stinking cute but it also safely holds my camera! I no longer have to take my purse and my big ugly canon camera bag in order to bring my camera along! Often, I just left it home because I just can't deal with all that stuff plus hold a kid or two on either hip! I am going to start taking photos like these more often! I only spent about 5 minutes taking these photos but MAN I love the results! I treasure these already. It almost makes grocery shopping look fun! :)

P.S. I'm kinda proud of how healthy my shopping cart contents look (and I'm not talking about my kiddos). Don't judge me for the premade jello and pudding cups! :)