"what ______ looks like" february edition

So excited about another month of "what _____ looks like". I am loving this project not only because I am proud to be in a circle with such talent, but also because the topic gives me complete freedom to shoot WHATEVER I want. This month I am giving you a glimpse into toddler bath time and it's just not any bath. It's her latest obsession. In her stocking for Christmas she got Crayola Tub Tints. I kind of have a love hate relationship with this product. On one hand it's fun to have colored bath water but on the other hand my girl is OBSESSED with the pink ones. Now pink bath water is expected around here and if the water happens to be well just clear or heaven forbid another color that comes in the package like blue or yellow....oh and complete two year old meltdown. Sigh...I'm told I'll miss all this someday and I'm quite certain I will so I'm trying to just embrace it. SOOOOO this month I'm showing you "what a pink bath looks like". Hope you enjoy it as much as she does and DON'T forget to follow the circle to see "what _____ looks like" to everyone else. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Summer Murdock Photography
Summer Murdock Photography

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