TFN + MOL = a week that will blow your mind and change your business FOREVER.

For the past two years I have been trying to figure out how to convert the online Magic of Light into an in person version. My dilemma has been that it would be nearly impossible to pack all of what we learn online into a one or two day class. When the boss ladies of the Family Narrative approached me about partnering to teach a day long Magic of Light class in New Orleans this March, I thought YES!!! I taught at the Family Narrative in New Orleans last March and in Australia in August. The learning space they have created in this family focused photography conference is like non other…one that I can whole heartedly stand behind. The question was HOW could I pull this off? Then it hit me. Why not offer the online class and then meet together and put all we learn into action IN REAL LIFE? The best of both worlds right?

SOLD OUT!!!! I will be offering more of these in person workshops in the near future. Sign up for my newsletter to be notified when new dates are released!

 (C) Summer Murdock | Photographer


The Magic of Light Intensive


2/25/19 to 3/10/19 online workshop, 3/15/19 in person workshop (SOLD OUT)


New Orleans, LA at the Pontchartrain Hotel and surrounding areas


10 participants


$650 (a very discounted rate only available to The Family Narrative New Orleans 2019 attendees)

This includes a two week version of the online Magic of Light. It will be slightly condensed from the 3 week version but with all the same information and assignments.

A full day of in person instruction putting into practice what we learn:

  • sunrise shoot*

  • full sun shoot*

  • sunset shoot*

  • evening low light shoot

  • catered lunch

  • digital PDF of the Magic of Light Manual

The premise behind the Magic of Light is that even though all light is not equal, you can make a cool photo in any kind of light. In the Magic of Light, we learn how to best harness whatever light is available. Although we cannot predict the weather on the day of the shoot, we can find the best light available and make magic in whatever mother nature presents us. I am an open book and will be there all day to instruct, guide, listen, answer any questions and help you to be the best version of yourself.

*subject to change based on weather

© Summer Murdock


This is an add on learning experience to The Family Narrative and only open to those who attend TFN 2019. You must participate in the online class that is provided before we meet together so that we put what we learn online into practice. If you do not read the materials beforehand, you will be behind on the day we meet and shoot!


The Family Narrative is a 3-day retreat focused entirely on the art and business of running a sustainable family photography business. I have taught at this conference twice now and I can honestly say that the space these ladies have created is like none other. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO GO HERE AND WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS to get a real feel for what TFN is all about.

As I reflect on both of my experiences at TFN, I can honestly say it was special. The space that the "boss ladies" provided for the attendees and teachers to connect and share was unreal and out of the norm in the photography conference world. There was virtually no phony BS...just a space to be ourselves and to build one another up. It sounds like a fluffy ad I am writing here but it's true and If you know me at all, you know I don’t say stuff like this unless I mean it. I left feeling empowered to charge my worth, energized with new concrete ideas to grow my business, and refreshed having connected with SO MANY AMAZING LIKE MINDED FRIENDS. I felt seen and heard. I may have even shed a few tears at the end which is totally out of character for me. What makes The Family Narrative really stand out is the size. It is limited to about 40 attendees. It’s big enough to meet new friends but not so big that you feel lost in a sea of people. We all each lunch as a group and hang out at night together too. At some of the bigger conferences I have been to, it’s easy to feel like you are there alone in this massive group of people but TFN is not that way. By the time you leave, you will feel like a big ol’ family…at least that is how I felt both times I attended. So if you are wondering if going to TFN is worth it? I would answer a resounding YES! Even if you aren’t interested in the Magic of Light intensive, I highly recommend The Family Narrative.


If you are a family photographer trying to run a sustainable business, this conference is for you.