wild poppies….

The poppies have bloomed in one of my favorite spots. Seriously for the week that these flowers are up, this might be one of the most gorgeous places EVER! My girls wanted NOTHING to do with me and the camera while we were here so I just stood back and watched them. Love their relationship. So here is my "11 0n 11" get in the frame post for June. My selfie is a stretch this month...

Summer Murdock Photography

See I told ya the selfie was a stretch. I forgot my tripod and back button focusing is tough for a 7 year old! She took some really pretty good shots but all blurry. :) I am really happy to have this image though. Seriously, my two year old gives the best hugs. I never want to forget how it feels to have this little girl squeeze my neck tight like this. I kinda love it!

Now you must go visit Leah Robinson to see what she has captured this month. Leah is crazy talented and is an Aussie. I may just show up at her house one day unannounced to visit her and her lovely country whether I am invited or not! HA!