"kids were here" september edition...

Summer Murdock Photography

It' time for another installment of KIDS WERE HERE where a group of amazing photographers document the evidence the kids leave behind. This month we all decided that "sometimes one is enough" so we picked our very best image from the month to include for the post and keep it simple this. This was by far my favorite KWH image from the month. My 7 year old is quite creative and whipped up this new outfit for her favorite doll out of nothing but paper in less that 15 minutes after Grandma suggested the kids have a talent show. The girl knows her own talents and I hope she always stays so confident in herself and her abilities. I think she's pretty brilliant but I might be a little bit biased. Be sure to check out all the other amazing photographers on KIDS WERE HERE blog. We'll be back next month with LOTS of evidences that the KIDS WERE HERE.