"10 on 10" april edition

Summer Murdock Photography

Well the time has come for another "10 on 1o" and we are officially potty training so of course that's a perfect subject to capture. I should say she is officially potty training herself. I pretty much haven't pushed her at all. I kinda like her diapers. She looks pretty darn cute in them and a diaper is her favorite outfit. I think I am trying to hold on to her babyness (yes, I know that's not a word) since she marks the end of my baby making days. It's funny how I want everything to last a little longer with her. I appreciate all the stages that I was rushing my oldest through. Anyways, she's ready I guess since she does this all on her own without any prompting or reminders from me. :) I guess I have to let her grow up... darn it!

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