"kids were here" april edition

We are a group of passionate photographers who are setting out to document details of evidence that Kids Were Here. It is a fabulous idea introduced by the very talented and creative Ketti Photography. I am over the moon with excitement to be a part of this project. I came across Ketti's project over a year ago and I was quickly sucked in. I was mesmerized by the simple idea...yet the images spoke directly to my heart. As a mom every image reminded me of my daily reality... all the little things that I so often find to be annoying were documented. It made me stop and think. Think that one day before I know it, all these things will be no longer. I started to look at these messes differently.I started to document the "evidences" that my own kids left behind but up until now I have never shared any of them. So when I heard this idea about a website devoted solely to the "kids were here", I was overjoyed. This is powerful stuff people...

"in the moment it is easy to get frustrated with all the mess and clutter that results from living with children. this set reminds me how quickly it will all pass. one day the toys will be in totes no longer played with. i will miss this. i'm reminded to slow down. to not stress about it. my happiness is not dependant upon everything put back into place and a neat and tidy home. 

one day we will have a wonderful reminder. evidence left behind written upon our hearts and minds of our children. photographs that will bring us back to this very day, when our kids were here." -jude wood

Do you have goosebumps yet? I do. I'm in the throws of mothering four kiddos. It's hard, monotonous and it's messy, but everyday I have at least one moment where I'm awed and overjoyed by the love I have for my kiddos and all the little quirky things they do. I can't imagine not seeing all these things every day for the rest of my life, but I know the day will come that these messes will be gone. My oldest is 10 and already I have to look harder to see him in the messes. It makes me feel all sappy and nostalgic. I'm convinced that one day these photographs will bring me back to this exact place in time in a way that most any others that I take cannot.

After  you have a look at the beginnings of my project, be sure to visit this amazing website the "Kids Were Here". Every day on the first of the month we will post something new on "Kids Were Here".  Excited yet?

Summer Murdock Photography

Don't forget to visit the Kids Were Here website to see one image from every photographer that is participating. It's a pretty powerful set of images! Love seeing all these perspectives together in one place! Sigh...thanks for stopping by!