"10 on 10" february edition

Summer Murdock Photography

Here we go for another "10 on 10" and here we go for more snow....and it's not going away anytime soon I'm afraid. I'm not going to lie, I'm over it. I'm even a little bored by seeing it in pictures at this point BUT it does make for pretty ones. :) Maybe for my March 10 0n 10 we will be able to see the grass (fingers crossed)! I'm calling this months edition "10 on 10 at 10am" because it's not the glimpse into our whole day the "10 on 10" typically is but it is a glimpse into a good 30 minute chunk of it. That'll have to do this month!  Enjoy and be sure to follow the circle to see some eye candy!

Now you must go visit my friend Rebecca Leimbach whose work is unmistakable and inspiring...she's got talent, beauty, wit and is an amazingly good person as well...yup all that wrapped up in one cute little package. :)

AND in case you missed last month's circle you can start that here!