"11 on 11" february cradle rock edition...

It's the 11th so that means "11 0n 11" time. In case you missed last month's explanation of what that even means...on the 11th of each month I post 11 pictures from my day and the 11th is supposed to be a selfie. I think I'm in SIX of the frames this month but whose counting? What you are about to see started out cute and calm...with only little sister in the crib! Then big sister jumped in. They were cute and played and hugged...then they got a little crazy and wild and goofy...then I (the big giant adult) jumped in! Yes I did and please don't act like you've never done it! We laughed and danced and laughed and danced to the music in our heads. Good thing the trusty crib that has slept all four of my babies didn't break. Sigh...looking at these images makes me happy. I really resist getting in the frame sometimes but I'm sure glad I did! I'm betting these will be treasures for years to come for both me and my girls!

And don't forget to follow the circle to see some serious eye-candy!

Summer Murdock Photography

What do you know? I actually had fun getting in the frame! Now go visit Tonya Teran aka superwoman who just had a baby 2 days ago and posted her "11 on 11" from the hospital! Yup...she did and I think that is pretty amazing. I'm betting you'll see lots of her new little guy who is fresh from heaven!

and in case you missed last months circle you can start it here!