"letters to our children" february edition

It's time for the second "Letters to our Children" post! I am SO grateful for this project. It forces me to write down all the little things about my children that I love and that I know i will soon forget. Pictures this month are from warmer days (last summer) that I have been meaning to blog for MONTHS (imagine that). This project is also helping to become a better blogger. YAY! Be sure to follow the circle (link at the end of this post)! Oh my little Wy-man,

How are you already 5? It seems like just yesterday I was toting you home from the hospital wondering  how I was going to do it all. But you made it easy. You have always been my tender-heart. Even at one year I old recognized what a sweet soul you are. There is just always been something about your amazing spirit that radiates kindness and joy and innocence. When I'm sad or not feeling well you are the first one to notice and the first one to tell me you love me and give me a hug. It melts my heart. And it's not just my mommy goggles that see this. I have had numerous people comment about how you "just have a kind look about you" and you do. It's other worldly almost and it's my very favorite thing about you. BUT there are SO many other amazing things about you . You are funny. When someone says your name I picture you laughing with the biggest most genuine smile. You especially think potty humor is hilarious and nothing makes you laugh harder than streaking across the house with nothing but your birthday suit.

You seem to really like to push people's buttons. You find it funny. I have watched you pester kids at the playground that are 2 times your size but always with a smile on your face. It's like you can sense who the serious and tense people are. Then you make it your goal to loosen them up. Sometimes it works and other times they just find you completely annoying but you don't seem to care. And when you can tell they have had enough you happily skip away with a smile on your face. It makes me smile but I worry it will get  you into trouble one day.

You are my cuddler...you cannot get enough hugs. I think every night before Dad puts you to bed you must give me at least 5 separate hugs in between every bedtime step...put on your jammies and you come hug me "goodnight Mommy", brush your teeth and you come running "goodnight Mommy",  get a drink of water and you come running "goodnight Mommy" and hug me.  Then it never fails after you are all tucked in you come back upstairs for one more hug. Sometimes when I'm tired, it wears me out and i think you are just stalling bedtime but when I'm in the moment and present I know it's more than that. You have so much love in that tiny little heart.  I could learn a thing or two from all that love you have.

You are quite adventurous and fun loving and almost always up to try anything. Maybe it's because you are child number 3 and are trying to keep up with the older two but sometimes you fearlessness scares me. I can hardly watch you at the playground. You are a little monkey swinging from the bars, hanging upside down, flipping, shimmying up poles and jumping down. I always want to tell you to stop but I hold myself back because you love it so much and you are SO proud of yourself after you do a trick. I can't bear to crush your excitement. So I try to turn my head and only stop you if I feel like you are REALLY going to hurt yourself. When we go to Disneyland there isn't a ride you won't go on. In fact last time you were so sad that you couldn't go on California Screamin and do the "loop te lou". I can still picture you skipping/dancing through the park humming with with excitement as we ran from one ride to the next.

You are obsessed with cars...all type...the cars characters from the movie and matchbox cars...you usually have a couple in your hands or pockets at all times. You can make a road of anything...a wall, a blanket..a windowsill. I'm sure our furniture has all kinds of scratches from all of your car driving.

Since you were a baby old enough to crawl, you have sat on my lap everyday while I blow dry my hair. I think you like the warmth of the blow dryer. You are starting to get too big to do it without getting hit by my brush and blow-dryer but you still try. Usually you just put your head in my lap now.  You have even convinced your younger sister that sitting in my lap while I do my hair is the coolest spot to be. She is starting to take your place there (the two of you often fight over it) but I will always remember those years with me, you, my brush, and the blow-dryer. I may sound a little sappy (and I am) but the thought of you on my lap while I blow dry my hair makes me feel all kinds of love.

You are the kind of kid who makes friends everywhere you go but you have s shy side too. When you get really excited about something you do the funniest, cutest thing that I noticed for the first time back in September when school started. I took you on our annual Mommy and son date and took you to lunch and to buy new school clothes and shoes. We go into your favorite shoe store and you picked out some awesome shark Vans. When the gal who worked there  brought them out and you put them on you smiled SO big it overtook your face.  When that happens you get so embarrassed that bow your cute little face and head and tuck your chin into your chest to hide all that joy. You do it every time you are really excited...trying to hide that big huge smile...it's like you know it's more joy than the rest of us feel!

Everyday when you come home from preschool, I know you are going to walk in with a gummy bear stuck on the top of your nose and big giant smile...it never fails. You lick the gummy bear Ms Molly gives you and  stick it right on the bridge of  your nose. On the days I'm not driving you have enough will power to make it all the way home without eating the candy just so you can show me for the 100th time that you have a gummy bear on your nose. sigh...I love you kiddo. I'm one blessed momma to have you in my life.



Summer Murdock Photography
Summer Murdock Photography

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