project 21/52 {dream}

This kid plays hard and really he needs a nap every day but at four years old he doesn't want to take one. About 3 times a week, I find him in random places asleep. Yesterday, he feel asleep just like this. Made me giggle so of course I had to capture him dreaming away...

project 20/52

All year I have been doing a little personal photo project. I haven't really shared much of it on the blog. It's a 52 week project or one photo a week for a year. Each week there is a theme. This week's theme is motherhood and as many of you mommas out there know, May is a busy month when you have kids in school. I have hardly picked up my camera the last two weeks. I've been running all over: piano recitals, baseball games, soccer games, preschool programs, kindergarten graduation, dance recitals, class parties and the list goes on! I did manage to capture this moment though. This is my kindergartner. She is growing up so fast (makes me wanna cry) but this is motherhood. It's my job to make sure all these little monotonous things (like homework) get done so they can grow up to be responsible adults. It's really hard a lot of the time and I must admit that 8:00pm (aka bedtime) might be favorite time of day on many days. BUT there are always times during the day when I have little moments that make it all worth it. Sometimes they are silly things like watching my growing 6 year-old-soon-to-be-1st-grader do her very last kindergarten homework assignment and feeling the depth of just how much I love her...motherhood SO HARD yet so REWARDING!

PS If you want to see my other project 52 photos head on over to my flickr photostream here.

all she wants for christmas is her two front teeth...

She lost her two front teeth two consecutive days in a row! After she lost the first one, she cried and told me "Now I can never smile because I look so ugly".  It about broke my heart. I mean, she is only six years old. When my son lost his front teeth, he could have cared less. He was just excited for the money he would get from the tooth fairy! Of course the next day at school, a kid told her she needed braces. Sigh. The next day when she lost this one, she was a little more used to the idea. She still wasn't diggin' it though (as can plainly be seen from her expression in many of these photos). I may have bribed her to show her teeth for the picture. I think she looks pretty dang cute but she doesn't believe me!
She's growing up and it SCARES me to death!

almost one year ago...

Sigh...she has grown soooo much. It SCARES me how fast time is passing. In the chaos of learning to cope with having four kiddos last year, I'm realizing, as I go though my hard drive, that I took lots of pictures throughout the year and hardly even looked at them. I edited almost none. These are like new to me and I'm SO happy to have them.

PS  Can someone PLEASE stop time for me? Thanks.

sister love

Found this while cleaning out files on my hard drive. It was over a year ago and I CANNOT believe how much they have changed. This is a serious gem and I'm not quite sure how I overlooked it! It must have been because of all the sleep deprivation and craziness that having a new baby brings!

this little piggy goes to the market...

I must admit, I got lots of funny looks taking these pictures at our local favorite hangout, Costco! People must have been wondering why in the world I would want to take pictures there! It was very funny and I'm so glad I did it. It's a slice of our life! And a trip to Costco almost always involves, suckers, churros, and lots of begging to buy junk we don't need! hehehe (it could be said I'm the sucker) These are the things that I want to remember someday when they are too big to sit in the cart. Just love these.

I got a new camera bag/purse from Ketti Handbags (which are apparently really hard to get). I am in love! It is so stinking cute but it also safely holds my camera! I no longer have to take my purse and my big ugly canon camera bag in order to bring my camera along! Often, I just left it home because I just can't deal with all that stuff plus hold a kid or two on either hip! I am going to start taking photos like these more often! I only spent about 5 minutes taking these photos but MAN I love the results! I treasure these already. It almost makes grocery shopping look fun! :)

P.S. I'm kinda proud of how healthy my shopping cart contents look (and I'm not talking about my kiddos). Don't judge me for the premade jello and pudding cups! :)

that darn bottle...

I took away her bottle like I always do around 14 months. It's always a bittersweet thing for me. Sweet because it means no more leaky bottles on the rug but bitter because it means she's growing up! At her 18 month check up she weighed 19 pounds which was down a 1/2 pound from her one year check. I panicked and gave her bottle back because she never really embraced that darn sippy cup. (we did blood work to make sure the weight loss was just a calorie issue and it was-she's perfectly healthy, just tiny tiny) Now she's almost 21 months and LOVES this bottle more than ever. What have I done? Oh and I guess I should mention how much she loves this stuffed dog. LOVES it! Sad because it will probably be the only dog she will have at this house! I can't handle the messes the humans make around here so an animal is just out of the question. Luckily,at the stage of the game, she doesn't know the difference! 

blue blanket love...

This little guy LOVES his blue blanket. He has since he was a baby (he's four now). When I absolutely HAVE to wash it, he still sits and cries by the washing machine with his hands pressed up against the glass, watching it tumble...EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Black and white beauty...

This month's challenge over at iheartfaces is "Beautiful B&W". I admittedly am obsessed with color  these days but B&W defineltly adds a soulful and beautiful feel to images. Here is my entry of my favorite little model giving me one of her "looks" I just adore her little mouth in this one and those inqusitive little eyes! Go check out more entries at iheartfaces.com.

What's this white stuff I see?

SNOW! Gheesh finally! I have had big plans for shooting in the snow this winter but what do you know? It's March in Utah and this is basically our first snow of the season around here. NOT normal. Today as we passed my favorite camper (that I may or may not drive by on a regular basis just to look at ), I decided this was the day I was going to do it. By "it" I mean snap a few photos without asking the owners. It is in their front/side yard and I bribed this one to run past it a couple times. LOVE. I'm quite the rebel, eh? Asking my 6 year old to tresspass! Oh well, at least I got this photo!

happy heart day...

Happy heart day a day early because I'm sure I'll forget to post on the 14th. It's gonna be a busy day. In honor of love day, iheartfaces.com is hosting a heart themed challenge.  I just had to enter this capture. These shades are her favorite. When she puts them on her cute little face, the "tude" goes on as well. The Husband refers to her as "his little Elton Jr." when she sports these. I have to admit, with that shaggy hair, I see the resemblance. Go check out more heart themed photos at iheartfaces!
HOORAY! This photo made it to to top 10 this week over at I Heart Faces! Thanks to the SUPER talented guest judges over at Harrison Studios for choosing it!